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Zanzibar: The trip that was EVERYTHING and more!

I had seen countless photos of Zanzibar sprawled across my news feed, subtly calling me from my desktop background and leaking into more and more conversations. In the end, I couldn’t take it anymore - and I HAD to go and see those turquoise waters for myself!

[Truth bomb: it’s even BETTER than in the photos!!]

I believe in seeing the many layers of a destination in different ways. So… not only did I organise one of my signature Travel Addict Girls Trips filled with the most sensory-loaded and adventure-packed activities, I also spent a few weeks on this stunning island solo and immersed myself into the local vibe and experiences.

My conclusion: It’s a destination that has it ALL! 🤩

My Solo Trip

I arrived in Zanzibar to 35 degrees Celsius of humid heat (be prepared for this) and headed straight to Paje. I needed strong wifi, even stronger air-conditioning and a co-working spot where I could get to work on finalising the details of the trip and keep the girls in the loop as well as manage my client’s latest launch project.

If you’re a digital nomad, remote worker or business owner, I recommend DarMar hostel or Mr Kahawa - they both have great internet! I booked a private room in DarMar, and met some great people who were also working and travelling.

One of the reasons that I ended up coming to Zanzibar is because I was heavily influenced by my friend’s experience. She came out here for the first time two years ago, and has barely spent time in the UK ever since! She runs her own fashion business which gives her the flexibility to travel, so we spent many days working in the most gorgeous cafés, exploring the island, partying with the locals on the beach and sharing the most wild stories that we’ve experienced in the past seven years since we saw each other.

Having her there shaped my whole experience!

She introduced me to her friends, to many of the locals, to a handful of expats, to members of the Maasai tribe and I realised instantly that music and movement was going to play a huge part in this trip.

We shared so many memorable moments, and I still can’t get over them now!

My Top Five Highlights:

  • Kayaking in most gorgeous turquoise waters on the private beach at Bamboo in Kizimkazi - easily one of the most beautiful resorts I’ve ever been to. There’s a $40 minimum spend required and it’s worth every penny! The food is delicious and the service is incredible - they couldn’t be more attentive

  • Indulging in local food at Afrikana in Paje. It’s a local restaurant on the entrance to the village. The grilled meats and generous servings of sides are just the tip of the iceberg. The music, the energy and the incredible blend of locals, tourists, expats and visitors from other African countries makes it the place to be! Especially before an island party.

  • Jambo Beach Saturday Night Parties - I went twice in the few weeks of my solo trip and it was easily one of the major highlights of Zanzibar. Dancing barefoot in the sand, under the moon, with the waves crashing against the rocks just has a different kind of energy from the sticky floors of a London bar. The dancing was nonstop and nobody cares about the sweat dripping down your back, because everybody is in the same boat. The vibe is everything!

  • A private drone photoshoot. For my birthday, my sister booked us a photoshoot on Jambiani beach for when she touched-down in Zanzibar and it was such a great experience! Our photographer walked us out to these fishing boats and captured the most beautiful images and videos that have served as at snapshots into a truly special trip.

  • Sunset hour - it’s worth pointing out that the sun doesn’t actually set on the Paje/Jambiani side of the island, but that doesn’t mean that you miss out on the sunset vibe. There’s this incredible window between 5pm and 7pm once the air has cooled where the Maasai tribe play football, the kids run around playing on the beach, the kite surfers fly and flip in the air and the music in the restaurants gets a bit louder. I loved those moments on the beach, being fully present and soaking up every inch of the energy around me.

Stay tuned for my next blog where I’ll delve into the details of the unique itinerary that I created for my Travel Addicts Girls Trip and share the chaotic ups and downs that we experienced along the way - trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

Be sure to find out more about my upcoming trips so that you don’t miss out on the fun of these Girls Trips and experience a side of each destination that you will never see in any other group trip!

Speak soon!

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