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Travelling the world with a toddler and ticking off my never-ending bucket list

I knew it was about time that we caught up with Sarah Lou who lives the life of a luxury Honeymooner! From cruises to island escapes, and city breaks to having a "Wedding Weekend" abroad, she has experienced many tastes of travel and today she's sharing the highlights to inspire us all to add new destinations to our bucket lists.

“You know you’re a Travel Addict when”...hearting properties in exciting destinations is my idea of heaven and favourite kind of hobby!

What was the first ever international trip that you remember - what do you remember about it?:

"After years of only knowing holidays across the gloomy English channel, my mum asked if me and my sister would like to go on safari to Kenya. We had no idea how big of a deal that would turn out to be and what we wished for every family holiday after that to look like. At first I really wasn't sure as we drove through the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa but fast forward 2 weeks, it was the best experience our parents could have given us!"

When did you realise that travel was more than just “a holiday” every now and then for you? When and how did you realise that you were a Travel Addict?:

"I was living in Paris at 19 years old working for the Walt Disney Company when I realised just how accessible Europe was and how many amazing counties were on our doorstep. I appreciated that not many other countries in the world had that luxury, so off I went. I'd have 2 days off in a row each week so I'd fly or train to wherever I could with the time I had - I made it to Switzerland, Italy, Southern France, it was when low cost airlines were just starting to get going, travel quickly became so easy and my norm!"

What impact has travel had on your life?: "Travel has impacted my whole life! My first job was abroad and now, working with TRAVLUX, I'm still in the travel industry, 15 years later. I've worked on luxury cruise ships, I've worked for Disneyland Paris and Tokyo and flown as Cabin Crew for British Airways. Travel and travelling is all I know, I don't think it will ever leave me, I'll never get bored of seeing new cities and countries, it's not something I can ever see myself retiring from!"

When was your last trip, and where did you go?: "My last trip was to South Africa. The best, most amazing... and maybe even my favourite country. We travelled with our 1 year old and 12 of our best pals! Cape Town should be on everyone's list and never removed, it's the most incredible city. We also had the time of our lives in the neighbouring winelands, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, another stunning area that fully deserves the spotlight shone on it! I could take all day about how much I love South Africa and all it has to offer!"

What’s your NEXT trip? Tell us all about it!!: "My next trip is just a small one over to Ireland, but a trip is a trip right?! I love scenery and dramatic coastlines so the Wild Atlantic Way is one I want to see. We're staying in a cottage high on a hill overlooking the cliffs in a cute Irish village. I'm all for mini-adventures as much as the big ones!"

Have you ever travelled solo? If so, what did you learn from it? If not, is it something that you’d like do?: "I have travelled solo many times, one one stand-out was simply because I love the sun as much as I love to explore and see new places... so I will chase it and chase it all year round if I have to! I went to the South of France for a few days to relax. I learnt going somewhere that you already love and love what's around you is guaranteed to make it stress-free and enjoyable, which is exactly what Nice was for me."

Who are your favourite travel buddies and why?: "My favourite travel buddy will always be my husband Liam, we enjoy the same type of holiday, whether it's a full on, triple-centre, jam packed adventure or two weeks relaxing with very few plans, he's there. Also, our new travel buddy, Bear, will always be the best trips with him to now.....who has managed to tick off five countries before he turned one!"

What is the BEST hidden gem you have ever found?: "One of the best hidden gems I've found, that isn't so hidden anymore but it's path wasn't overly trodden when I went,is Puglia in Italy. Tourists flock to Rome and the Amalfi coast but Puglia offers all what they do with half the crowds, for half the cost. There's so many beautiful towns to uncover and explore, beach clubs if you want them and unique stays in masserias a-plenty"

Favourite travel quote? "Never go too long without watching the sunset over the ocean"

Favourite travel TV show? "Race Across the World"

Favourite meal that you’ve ever had on your travels?: Tajima wagyu tenderloin steak on our honeymoon in 2019 at Milaidhoo in the Maldives

Is there anything exciting that you’re working on at the moment that you’d like to share?

TRAVLUX offer a bespoke journey, we're a small company that know how to curate once-in-a-lifetime holidays & adventures. Each experience is unique & tailor-made to suit our clients needs & wishes. We have first hand knowledge offering expert advice wherever we can, having travelled the world, reaching all 7 continents, our professional advisors give you the peace of mind that you & your adventures are in safe hands with us.

Trust TRAVLUX with your next adventure!

We hope that you got some inspiration from Sarah Lou's Travel Addict Story! Our community is all about finding those bucket list places that you’re destined to experience, and meeting like-minded travel addicts from all walks of life. TRAVLUX will be offering their expertise and support for anyone who in the Travel Addicts community who wants to create a bespoke trip of a lifetime. They will also be assisting us with the official TAUK Taste of Morocco group trip in May and there are just two spots left, so be sure to be quick to them snap them up!

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Thanks so much for being part of our community, keep wanderlusting - adventure awaits!

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